Lincotek Equipment and Uniquecoat Technologies sign cooperation agreement

Parma, Italy – Aug 6, 2020| Lincotek Equipment, a leading Italian manufacturer of complete thermal spray coating solutions, and Uniquecoat Technologies LLC, the world largest supplier of High Velocity Air-Fuel (HVAF) equipment, are thrilled to announce the beginning of a partnership to further the growth of HVAF coatings across the European market.

HVAF is a thermal spray process for deposition of coatings for the protection of parts, vessels and structures against abrasion, erosion and corrosion. It represents a high-quality, cost-effective solution in many industrial fields.

Uniquecoat Technologies’ equipment is compact, reliable and easy to install and operate. It also matches perfectly with a wide range of industrial coating needs. Now, customers around the world can benefit from Lincotek Equipment’s long-term experience in meeting their needs through new and innovative equipment capabilities, always finding the best solution.

Lincotek Equipment has provided coating solutions since 1996.Its ability to integrate them in a complete turnkey system, together with any other thermal spray technology needed, guarantees flexibility to customers and allows them to maximize their investment.

The business works together with its customers to develop the next generation of optimized coating solutions that match specific industrial requirements, ensuring the best quality and productivity, as well as a perfect fit with the customer’s existing strategy.

“At Lincotek Equipment, we are always looking to enhance the technological level of our offer to the market,” says General Manager Andrea Iotti. “We found in Uniquecoat Technologies LLC the perfect partner for HVAF technology. We appreciate their innovative drive that perfectly matches our goal of best quality and best productivity.”

Viatcheslav Baranovski, President of Uniquecoat Technologies LLC commented: “Our new partnership represents a tremendous opportunity to further the growth of HVAF equipment and coatings across Europe. We are excited about the opportunity to work together, as Lincotek is an outstanding thermal spray equipment supplier, providing coating solutions, turnkey systems and service throughout Europe”.


About Lincotek Equipment. Based in Parma, Italy, Lincotek Equipment is a leading manufacturer of complete coatings solutions for Thermal Spray, diffusion coatings and related processes. The company is the industrial equipment division of Lincotek, a family-owned group that has served global markets for more than 45 years. The business has more than 1,100 employees located in 16 production facilities across Europe, North America and Asia.

About Uniquecoat. Based in Oilville, Virginia, USA, Uniquecoat Technologies LLC was founded by Viatcheslav Baranovski and partners in 1999. The company is focused on development of thermal processes and manufactures a broad range of thermal spray systems and supporting equipment. For the past two decades, it has been at the forefront of HVAF (High Velocity Air-Fuel) process development, and today is the world largest supplier of HVAF equipment. All the modern HVAF equipment manufactured is based on Mr Baranovski’s original invention, which was patented in the late 1990s.

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