After Sales Service

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Powders and spare parts

Lincotek Equipment provides complete set of powders and a spare parts service designed for extended life and to assure increased productivity. Genuine spare parts ensure production continuity and repeatable coating quality.

What’s more, our spare parts catalogue is complete with most of the common spray guns on the market.

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Calibration service

Lincotek Equipment provides calibration services based on the latest state-of-the-art calibration procedures, in accordance with ISO quality standards. Our customers are OEMs in the Aero, IGT, Automotive, Medical, Oil & Gas, Pulp & Paper, Electronics and General industries.

Lincotek Equipment can also process of all relevant thermal spray process parameters, including liquid fuel flow, gas flow, pressure, water flow and & temperature, as well as current, temperature, voltage, rotation, wire feed, velocity, load cell accuracy, conductivity etc.

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Preventative Maintenance

Prevention is better than cure!

Our service engineers regularly perform maintenance procedures that help to improve equipment, avoid any unplanned maintenance activity and reduce unscheduled equipment breakdowns.
Proactive problem recognition and resolution is a key element of our preventive maintenance program, minimizing your equipment downtime and maximizing the useful service life of your coating facility.

All work is done according to our own OEM standards and procedures.

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Do you have an old system?

An old system can lead to:

  • spare parts which become obsolete, very expensive and difficult to find
  • non-compliance with safety and CE norms
  • very expensive maintenance
  • inability to meet market demands or low level of repeatability
  • old software that is not able to deal with more complex product recipes

Complete revamping is a solution.

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