Sand Blasting & Shot Peening

Sand Blasting & Shot Peening 2019-12-06T16:24:52+00:00

Sand blasting & shot peening

Grit blasting and shot peening are critical to quality for surface preparation and finishing before and after the thermal spray coating.

New generation blasting systems by Lincotek Equipment guarantee the best results through advance automation and enhanced process control.

Our Systems guarantee shorter setup time thanks to Quick change over tools and Easy to store and recall recipes, controlled by HMI.

Main Characteristics of our equipment

  • High repeatability though continuous control of the process
  • Vacuum or Pressure blasting system
  • High repeatability Robots or Interpolated Axis system for handling blasting guns and parts
  • Automatic, semi-automatic or manual loading/unloading of the workpieces
  • Blasting cabin protected with innovative rubber protection
  • Automatic refilling of the media
  • Grain size control during the process with sieving systems
  • Dedicated filtration system with self-cleaning cartridges
  • Suitable for all kind of abrasive