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Lincotek Equipment supplies complete coating solutions (APS – VCS&LPCS – CAPS – HVOF) with a guarantee on quality and productivity at the start of production.
Solutions include development of processes in house, technology transfer, supply of turn-key equipment and services, training and qualification of personnel and qualification of the components.
Lincotek Equipment is specialized in engineering and refurbishment of of your existing systems (ShellCoat and CabCoat) based on our long-term experience.

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Available technologies

Lincotek Equipment is able to supply its customers with complete equipment that meets applicable manufacturing laws:

  • Air Plasma Spray (APS)
  • Vacuum coating system (VCS) & Low pressure coating system (LPCS)
  • High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF)
  • Powder & Wire Flame Spray
  • Wire Arc Spray
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