Lincotek HMI technology to transform spray process



Software and ergonomic console provide total equipment control and unlimited versatility


Parma – Rubbiano, Italy, Sep 2, 2021: Lincotek Equipment – one of the leading global turn-key equipment providers for thermal spray coating solutions, diffusion coatings and related processes – has recently announced the launch of a new equipment control system, which is set to raise the bar in the market. Combined with next-generation proprietary software and a newly designed HMI console, it is designed to improve efficiency, flexibility and usability, while still delivering the same high standards of reliability and repeatability.

The concept is to provide a tailor-made platform which handles multiple Thermal Spray processes, different spray guns and unlimited handling options.

Only one ergonomic console is required, featuring a single touch-screen monitor for process control, three short-cuts for key functions, USB connection for data storage, as well as ethernet connections to allow direct dialogue with equipment and factory LANs. Interfaces can be tailor-made with the most innovative communication protocols.

The HMI software meanwhile allows for unlimited versatility and total equipment control over process parameters, powder feeders, handling system, doors, cooling and filtering systems. It also provides unlimited storage of recipes, parameters and data logs.

The result of the new software and console package is full control, maximum customization and supreme flexibility.

Additional benefits of the new system include:

  • The ability to add a second touchscreen for viewing accessories, such as video and thermo cameras
  • The possibility of adding further thermal spray technology at any time
  • Multiple access levels with different authorizations (Supervisor, Process, Operator and others), allowing for complete operational traceability and data security
  • Remote diagnosis to minimize the chance of errors and downtime

The coating process has Industry 4.0 and IoT features that provide real-time monitoring, equipment health checks and the recording of critical parameters. Incomparable safety is provided by an automatic stop on all equipment in the event of any critical situation arising.

Andrea Iotti, General Manager of Lincotek Equipment, said: “Customers are always looking for even greater efficiency and flexibility when it comes to the Thermal Spray process. That’s why our new console and software is offering such an important development. It’s now possible to handle multiple processes through a user-friendly system, ensuring that everything is safe, secure and traceable, as well as highly versatile.”

About Lincotek Equipment. Based in Parma, Italy, Lincotek Equipment is a leading manufacturer of complete coatings solutions for Thermal Spray, diffusion coatings and related processes. The company is the industrial equipment division of Lincotek, a family-owned group that has served global markets for more than 45 years. The business has more than 1,100 employees and 16 production facilities across Europe, North America and Asia.

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