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Vacuum Coating System (VCS) & Low Pressure Coating System (LPCS)

ShellCoats are designed for high-end applications in plasma spray for deposition of the coating by vacuum (ShellCoat- VCS) or using low-pressure plasma spray (ShellCoat – LPCS, in order to achieve high-density coatings with the lowest oxide content

ShellCoat – VCS is a vacuum coating system designed for batch-mode operation, with a robot and a part magazine inside the chamber. The cylinder-type chamber is mounted horizontally with a large access door in the front.

ShellCoat – LCPS is a low-pressure coating system for blades and vanes in daily production. The simple architecture, combined with advanced automation, makes it possible to save costs in both maintenance and operation.

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ShellCoats are designed for high-end applications in plasma spray for deposition of the coating by vacuum (ShellCoat- VCS) or low-pressure plasma spray (ShellCoat – LPCS), to achieve high density coatings with the lowest oxide content.

Vacuum Chamber

Designed to answer all our customers’ needs, the vacuum chamber can be supplied in several dimensions. The internal dimensions depend on the installed handling elements and all peripheral components are suitable for very high-vacuum conditions. According to type of process and installed peripheral components, the vacuum chamber can be mounted horizontally or vertically – maximizing productivity through low operational cost and time savings.
Shell Coating equipment is set up as individual production units or as integrated part of a complete manufacturing line.

Lincotek Equipment has developed specific solutions for the integration of Spray Core items with specially designed and state-of-the-art handling and peripheral components, giving you the overall coating process you are looking for. Typical Shell coat equipment consists of core items, handling elements and peripheral components.

Lincotek Equipment offers everything from core items up to peripheral components in one customized package or as stand-alone component integrated into existing coating equipment.

Spray Core Handling Peripheral
Control System Robot Booth
Gun Multi-Spindle Ventilation and Filter Systems
Powder Feeder Loading & Unloading Conveyor Vacuum Pumps
Power Supply Carousel Vacuum Chamber
JAM Box Sting Pre-Chamber

HIGH PRODUCTIVITY thanks to Lincotek’s experience, eliminating down time.

Our ShellCoat – VCS system gives you the advantages of improved accuracy thanks to its specially designed vacuum chamber, combined with external workpiece handling equipment. The operator interface is easy to use and can record all relevant data for proper quality management.

Our ShellCoat – LPCS system gives you maximum productivity, assuring that your production line keeps running through advanced automation. While one workpiece is under coating, a second one is downloaded and a third workpiece is loaded immediately afterwards, meaning there is no need to shut down equipment.

  • Built on experience
  • Full closed-loop control of all coating parameters including mass flow control of the process gases (and fuels) and carrier gases.
  • Vacuum Chambers tailored on your specific requirements
  • Cost savings in both maintenance and operation
  • Power distribution unit to power up all peripherals
  • Easy to operate and to maintain
  • Everything under control: full integration with heat exchangers, part handling (robot/turn-table/lathe) and exhaust filter systems (power and data exchange)
  • Touchscreen operator interface with intuitive visualization software
  • Remote maintenance capability
  • Sophisticated trending and reporting package
  • Realtime monitoring
  • Multilevel alarm system and multilevel access
  • Storage process recipes
  • Soundproof booth to guarantee standard acoustic emission < 78Db(A)
  • Possible L-door for better access and safe working conditions for operators
  • Controlled Atmosphere Plasma System (CAPS)
  • Shellcoat – CAPS is designed for high-end applications in plasma spray, for coating that is thin, dense, oxide-free, and very pure.
  • The purpose of NEW CAPS equipment is to perform plasma coating in a controlled (air, argon and nitrogen) atmosphere, reducing the amount of oxide in the coating.

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