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Multi technology systems

Multi-technology systems are modular systems that can handle several processes with only one controller. Lincotek Equipment’s systems are based on MasterCoat solutions – complete, high-tech and versatile equipment compositions. They deliver multi-process systems with full integration of all core items, handling and peripheral components.

MasterCoat can integrate all coating processes in the current or upgraded Lincotek Equipment portfolio.  It can be configured with a whole range of thermal spray processes, such as Plasma Spray, HVOF, Powder/Wire flame spray or Arc Wire. (Customized versions are provided upon request.)

  • APS, extendable to HVOF
  • HVOF liquid fuel, extendable to APS
  • HVOF gas fuel, extendable to APS
  • HVOF gas and liquid fuel, extendable to APS
  • APS and HVOF integrated

Lincotek Equipment has developed specific solutions to give you the overall coating process you’re looking for. This includes the integration of spray core items with specially designed and state-of-the-art handling and peripheral components. Lincotek Equipment offers everything from core items up to peripheral components in one customized package, or as a stand-alone component integrated into existing coating equipment. These include:

Control System
Powder Feeder
Power Supply
JAM box

Main benefits

  • Maximum flexibility, reliability and unbeatable process control
  • Modular design which allows all kinds of Thermal Spray processes (customized versions on demand)
  • Full control: total integration with heat exchangers, part handling (robot/turn-table/lathe) and exhaust filter systems (power and data exchange)
  • Modular construction, which enables future expansion of a mono-process system into a fully integrated thermal spraying system.
  • Built on experience
  • Full closed-loop control of all coating parameters, including mass flow control of the process gases (and fuels) and carrier gases
  • Power distribution unit to power up all peripherals
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • Touchscreen operator interface with intuitive visualization software
  • Remote maintenance capability
  • Sophisticated tracking and recording package
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Multilevel alarm system and multilevel access
  • Storage process recipes
  • All types of Thermal Spray guns supported

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