Powder Feeders

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/ Constant feed rate with high precision

High precision in powder feeder systems is essential for a good overall result.
Lincotek Equipment designs and develops both volumetric powder and closed loop powder feeders, ensuring high accuracy and high reproducibility.

Lincotek Equipment Volumetric powder feeder uses rotating disk technology to ensure a steady flow of powder which is conveyed by carrier gas (Ar, N2), while a closed-loop powder feeder weighs powder through load-cells. The weight signal is used as a feedback control system, assuring very short stabilization time, active control by PLC and continuous reading.

Supervisor software controls the powder feed rate, changing the speed of the rotating feeder disk. Powder feeders are equipped with touchscreen displays for local settings. A Profibus, Profinet network connection is available for automatic remote control.

Stand-alone powder feeders can be integrated in all existing thermal spray system on the market up to six feeders. Hoppers with 5l or 1.5l capacity are available in different version for Plasma or HVOF application.

New Hopper 4l

The New Powder Hopper has been designed and developed by Lincotek Equipment for reliable material feeding in thermal spraying as well as laser cladding, cold spray or powder welding technology.

The new design of spreader/suction pads and stirrer is guaranteed to be extremly long lasting (more than 4000h). A heater jacket is available to mantein the flowability of preheated powder.